Kay Pallaris

Kay is the founding director at Mapping Futures Ltd, a strategic planning consultancy specialising in spatial research to inform health-driven place strategies and supporting policy, rooted in the principles of human-centred and environmentally responsive design. Kay works on both small scale community-led projects as well as major regeneration schemes. Previously, Kay held the position of programme manager for the Olympic Delivery Authority for the duration of the regeneration scheme, and has worked in various capacities for NGO, local government and private practice. Kay recently delivered the 2017 & 2018 summer school programme with The Bartlett, Development Planning Unit at UCL on Constructing Healthy Urbanisms. She recently co-produced a year-long dialogue series on 'Feeling Good in Public Space' (for the EPSRC funded ARCC network programme) which brought to the fore research on urban design and its impact on the health and wellbeing of inhabitants. She recently co-authored 'The Multi-Sensory Experience in Buildings, in Clements-Croome, D., (Editor). Creating the Productive Workplace (2018)'.


How To... Change! Critical Mapping for Communities

27.10.2018 12:00 - 15:00
dérive – Verein für Stadtforschung Kay Pallaris

Delivering and sustaining healthy neighbourhoods begins with visualising hidden data and citizen local knowledge. Mapping, as a process and as a product can help reveal key evidence and new neighbourhood insights, providing the spatial intelligence needed to be more effective at demanding, guiding and helping to shape the positive futures we need for our neighbourhoods. The workshop will walk through various mapping approaches and tactics that can be used as community planning tools and help empower citizens with their local planning efforts. Kinderbetreuung vor Ort.

How To... Change! Workshop-Nachmittag

27.10.2018 12:00
dérive – Verein für Stadtforschung Kay Pallaris, Katharina Morawek, ARGE RÄUME, Stephen Kenny, Omas gegen Rechts, Radio dérive, Zuzana Ernst-Moncayo, Warsaw Tenants’ Association, Nicole Alecu de Flers, Bureau für Selbstorganisierung, Akademie der ZUsammenKUNFT der Initiative Haus der Statistik

Gesellschaftlicher Wandel passiert nicht von selbst und die Stadt für alle wird gemacht: Immer mehr Menschen organisieren sich selbst, für eine offene, demokratische Gesellschaft und das Recht auf Stadt. Mit dem Workshop-Nachmittag HOW TO … CHANGE! lädt urbanize! zu Austausch, Vernetzung und Wissensaufbau für eine mündige und widerständige Zivilgesellschaft: Mit 3-stündigen Praxis-Workshops zu konkrekten WERKZEUGEN für Aktivismus und gesellschaftlichem Engagement. Und mit 2-stündigen Learning from … Austausch-Formaten zu STRATEGIEN und TAKTIKEN erfolgreicher internationaler und lokaler Initiativen. Kinderbetreuung vor Ort.