Stavros Stavrides

architect, is associate professor at the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, where he teaches on (social) housing design and the meaning of metropolitan experience. His research is currently focused on forms of emancipating spatial practices and urban commoning (characteristically developed in his forthcoming book Common Space to be published by Zed Books). He has published six books, as well as numerous articles (in Greek, English and Spanish) on spatial theory: The Symbolic Relation to Space (Athens, 1990), Advertising and the Meaning of Space (Athens, 1996), The Texture of Things (with E. Kotsou, Athens, 1996), From the City-as-Screen to the City-as-Stage (Athens, 2002 National Book Award), Suspended Spaces of Alterity (Athens, 2010), and Towards the City of Thresholds (Trento, 2010).



Spaces of Commoning

5.10.2014 19:00
dérive – Verein für Stadtforschung Stavros Stavrides

Fierce austerity measures and economic crisis have had drastic effects on social and urban reproduction in Athens. However, the severe socio-economic situation has also led to the emergence of new forms of collective initiatives and spaces of commoning in which people not only express their anger and needs but also develop new forms of life in common. The realm of the common emerges, thus, in a constant confrontation with state controlled "authorized" public space in times of economic crisis and austerity programs.