Levente Polyák

Levente Polyak is an urban planner, researcher, community advocate and policy adviser. He has worked on urban regeneration programs for the New York, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Budapest municipalities and is managing director of Eutropian. He taught at MOME and BUTE (Budapest) and TU Wien, was visiting fellow at Columbia University and the ENSA Paris-Malaquais and holds a PhD in Sociology from the Central European University.

Daniela Patti

Daniela Patti is an Italian-British architect and urban planner, has studied in Rome, London, Porto and holds a Ph.D. in urbanism from the Technical University of Vienna. She is a co-founder and managing director of Eutropian. Her recent research and projects’ interest has been on the governance of peri-urban landscape, the revitalisation of local food markets, economic models for community-based urban development and strategies to tackle urban poverty.

Jorge Mosquera

Jorge Mosquera is an urban researcher based in Vienna, and a Ph.D. candidate in planning and public policies at the IUAV University of Venice. As a member of the Eutropian team, he is involved in research and dissemination of EU-funded projects related to urban governance and social sustainability. His primary focus of research is the interplay between community-led initiatives and local governmental bodies concerning policy making and spatial planning.

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